First, I design and carve my own molds in leather-hard clay, which I then bisque fire.

A wax impression is taken from this mold, encased in a plaster investment, and cast in sterling silver.

The rough casting is further worked into the finished piece.

I patinate my jewelry with liver of sulfur to emphasize its design and texture.

Because I have a mold, I can, in theory, produce a large number of similar pieces. In practice, I have a short attention span, am quickly bored, and am eager to move on to new ideas and designs. The bisqued clay mold is also fragile, and easily broken in use. For this reason, I produce an extremely limited number of each new design. After the initial pieces are made, I make more only as the impulse strikes me.

Carving a Mold

Wax Model

Shaping the Rough Cast Bead